Off Work

I’ve been signed off sick for eight weeks by my doctor – stress. It takes me from half term to Christmas.

It’s a relief really, as I wasn’t able to concentrate on work at all. Now I’ll be able to think about the important things – Cindy and the children. I’ll also have time to sort out in my head how we’re going to work things in the long run.

I’ve sorted out the medium term planning for the half term, and can now try and forget about school for a while.

Mandy & David Visit

We’ve had Mandy, David, Amy and Tom to visit for the last few days. They came up on Thursday and are leaving on Sunday.

We’ve had a really good time, and have done a lot of things together. Toby, David, Tom and I visited Aerial Extreme to pretend to be monkeys. And then fish and chips on the way home. Cindy, Mandy, Amy, John and Rose went off to do some shopping.

On Saturday morning, all the adults went out for a meal at La Piazza and had a really lovely time – see photo.


Back on Treatment

After a few weeks of gradually getting more wheezy, Cindy has had results of a scan that show she needs to go back onto chemotherapy.

It is a different sort this time – Docetaxel or Taxotere.

She is going to have 6 lots, with three weeks between each session. It only needs her to go into hospital for a couple of hours each time and shouldn’t induce the sort of vomiting she had before – thank goodness.

It’s disappointing news, we had hoped it would be longer before she needed to go back onto chemo, but we’ll carry on trying to take each day as it comes, and enjoy what we can!