James and Emma came all the way up from their home near Bristol to visit us - for the day! Definitely more driving than I'd like to do.

It was great to see them. Jacob and Samuel are much more grown up than when we last saw them, and Hannah is getting bigger quickly.

They arrived at about 10am - before Cindy had had breakfast. I popped down the road and bought eggs, bacon, sausages, butter, bread and butter. Cindy and the Rands had eggs and bacon, then we went down to the park. After that we ate sausages in rolls, played boardgames, chatted, and decorated the Christmas tree.

At five we went out (see next entry) and some time later, James and Emma and family went home.

James is off to sea soon, 3 weeks into January for 4 months, then for 6 months later on, and it sounds quite dangerous out there. I don't think it'll be as much fun as it may have been in the past.