A lovely Christmas.

Children all pleased with their presents, at one point on Christmas morning our front room was ankle deep in discarded wrapping paper. Rose almost immediately started on craft activities, Toby was handing out everyone's presents, so was deliberately the last person to finish opening his own, John was busy taking photos with the new camera that he got for his birthday.


Lance came out of hospital on Christmas morning, which was slightly earlier than expected. He seems to be doing really well.

We had a lovely Christmas meal in the afternoon, turkey etc.

Boxing Day we went round to Lance and Mary's and saw Will, Sarah, Jack and Grace and opened more presents!

On Monday we did a walk (Mary, Will, Jack in his pushchair, Toby, John and I). It was absolutely freezing, but good to be out. Rose and Cindy got on with her felt making from a kit that John had given her.

Tuesday - sales. John in particular had lots of money - because he hadn't spent birthday money. He bought books, blue peter annual, harry potter game. Rose bought books and new trousers.
Toby finally got his car to start, but when we took it down to the Knavesmire, it stalled each time it started moving. He's gone on an internet forum - it seems the "mixture" is too "rich" and he needs to adjust the carburettor - I feel really ignorant!

Wednesday - very lazy so far. Party later on this evening at David and Anita's.