Toby’s Car

Toby and I went out today to the Knavesmire to drive his new car which was finally in good working order – after new batteries, new glow start and a tune up in the local hobby shop. It went really well – fast, jumps, skid turns…

And then I had a go. Drove it into a wooden post and broke the suspension on the right front wheel!

Toby was devastated, obviously. I felt really guilty and annoyed with myself. We’ve spent the rest of the afternoon with the manual finding part numbers of the broken bits so I can order them all on Monday. They should arrive next weekend.


Kitchen Started

Cindy & I went to Ikea today, and spent a load of money on kitchen units. So things are finally underway. We’ve been saving to do the kitchen for ages – since I started working really, and thinking about it for even longer. Now the units and worktops are ordered, we’ve chosen oven, hob, extractor and someone is coming to look at the damp wall and floor next week. The floor and floor are the big unknown item really, we don’t know how bad it is, or how much of the floor will need digging up.

It’s exciting starting at last.

Short entry as I’m finding it difficult to type. I cut a finger on my left hand really badly the other day (knife was too blunt when chopping carrots!)


Reading this article in today’s Guardian, has prompted me to add something about Cindy’s knitting.

It’s something she’s picked up again after finishing working. She has two of Rose’s friends, Mimi and Eleanor, round each Monday after school, when they do a little knitting and then watch Blue Peter. Rose, being the continually crafty person she is, really enjoys it and picks her knitting up from time to time during the week as well.

Cindy is just about to sew together a finished jumper that she’s been working on for a while – finishing it off has been postponed time and again! It’s a plain black woollen jumper knitted from lovely soft Rowan wool. She’s about to finish it because she’s found the next project she wants to do. This is another jumper with wide blue and grey stripes and a glittery blue border. This will be knitted in Rowan Kidsilk Haze – an amazingly fine, soft and slightly furry wool.

Next Friday she is off to a whole day knitting bee at Carol’s – knitter extraordinaire. I’m sure she’ll have a good day. A lovely invitation that particularly said not to bring any food!

I hope I’ll be able to put some photos of finished projects up soon!

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Last night we went to see The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe at the West Yorkshire Playhouse with Lance and Mary.

It was brilliant, we all enjoyed it, and thought that it was even better than last year’s Christmas show. The staging was really good, with fantastic revolving staircases, the children disappearing into the wardrobe and reappearing through a line of huge white hanging coats representing a snowy Narnia and Father Christmas and the White Witch both having lovely sledges. Perhaps the “sweetest” bit was when spring started, little red crocuses popped up through the stage!

The acting was also really good – particularly Lucy. And Aslan had a fantastic lion costume.

Last Day of the Holiday

We decided to have a proper day out today, before school starts tomorrow. We all went over to Eureka in Halifax, on the train, with Jo, Tom, Anna and Adam.

The first time I went to Eureka was with Toby when he was about 3 or 4. About half the museum is the same, the rest has been changed. I think it was the first totally interactive science museum I had been to and it really impressed me. Now, after going to lots of others, particularly Magna, it seems much less exciting. The children still enjoyed it and got a lot out of it. I expect that this will be the last time Toby goes – I was quite surprised that he wanted to go today.

We got back home and had fish and chips for tea. John and Rose are in bed now, as is Cindy who is exhausted after her chemo yesterday.

Wheelchair Joke

We went to Bridlington today with Mary. I enjoyed getting out in the fresh air, it wasn’t quite as cold as it has been.

We took the wheelchair for when Cindy got tired of walking. Toby was in it for a while. To start with I pushed him wildly and spun him round. Then when we’d got tired of that, I pushed him sensibly for a while. When an elderly couple were just walking towards us, he got out of the wheelchair and I turned to Cindy in amazement and said, “I told you the sea air would do him good!” I don’t think the couple were convinced that anything miraculous had happened – particularly as we were laughing like drains.

In fact, Cindy laughed so hard she had to sit down in the wheelchair to recover!

Monster Truck Update!

Hey Toby here. Been fidilling with car over the last week or so and today it got its first sort of run. I’ve had a few short ones in the alley before, a minute or so, just to test the settings. This evening though I took out the front and drove around the street. I took it up and down and jumped it up and down the pavement, great fun! Grandpa, Dad and John watched. It still isn’t going its best but nearly there. Hopefully going to go down to the knavesmire tommorrow and give it a proper drive.

Todays, was only about five minutes, but it was dark and I didn’t want any cars to come and crunch it. I still haven’t let the car hit top speed yet, there isn’t enough room on our short road, I don’t think it has even hit 2nd! Hopefully knaversmire will go sucessfully and dad can have a go. Well maybe a short go! Hope you like the pics, just a few quick snaps of it in my kitchen. Update you soon and maybe a few pics of it on the knavesmire.


See ya

New Year’s Eve

We had Jane & Andy and Steve & Sam with Tom and Josh round on New Year’s Eve.

Cindy and I had spent the previous day and part of that day cooking curries. We had lamb and spinach, tandoori chicken, black eyed beans with mushrooms, aubergine and tomato, green lentil dal and home made samosas. All lovely!

All the children stayed up till midnight, even Rose. In fact the adults seemed tireder than the children. Toby, Tom and Josh would have stayed up for ages longer.