Needlework, Truck Driving, Seaside and Chinese

Wednesday of half-term holiday –

Cindy and Rose went to the City of York Embroiderer’s Guild children’s session with Nok. All the children were making embroideries on the theme of sheep. Rose’s is an appliqué picture of sheep in a winter scene. Apparantly they had lots of bits of material and thread to choose from and Rose had a fantastic time. She couldn’t wait to go back for this morning’s session. Cindy said that Rose’s sewing skills were high compared to the other children there and was very proud of her.

Meanwhile, Toby, John and I took Toby’s car down to the Knavesmire – and managed not to crash it! Toby let John and I have a short go – thank you. It went really well up and down the slopes and bumps at the side of the ‘mire. See Toby’s post about it on his new website!

In the afternoon we went to Bridlington with Lance and Mary. John took his skimboard which we got him for Christmas, but even he wasn’t brave enough to go in the February North Sea. He did some backflips on the beach – I’ve uploaded a video from his digital camera, to compare with the photos of his backflips from a couple of years ago. We had fish and chips before we came home, as is traditional when you go to the seaside.


In the evening we went into town to see York’s Chinese New Year parade.


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