What a Day

Absolutely knackered.

Dave and I have been flat out all day – only just finished and it’s 8:20. But it has been a very productive day. We’ve now got a working sink side of the kitchen with washing machine, tumble dryer and (new) dishwasher in their places – no electricity yet so they don’t work, but they’re all ready to go. Hot and cold running water from our lovely new tap into our lovely new sink – drain a bit dubious, so we need to get a different connector tomorrow. Only down side to that part of the kitchen is the worktop, which Ikea delivered yesterday. It has been manufactured with the finishing strip, which is aluminium (in colour anyway), in the wrong place – so frustrating as we had to check the plan in the shop about 6 times before we confirmed the order, and they obviously haven’t checked it when it was made at all. Also haven’t had a call back from them, when they said they would have phoned by now. Oh well it’ll sort out in the end.

Wall cupboard is up on sink side. High fridge unit is also built, one cupboard built, ready to move them into correct places once wiring is finished. Back door planed so it doesn’t grind any more.

So, yes, very productive.