The 39 Steps

We’ve just got home from the last of our “Big Deal” tickets at the WYP. It was an adaptation of The 39 Steps by John Buchan.

Acted by only 4 actors (and an extra arm at a crucial plot point!), it was very fast, funny, melodramatic and all round excellent entertainment. Definitely the best thing we’ve seen in the season. Highly recommended.

I got given the next season’s “Big Deal” for my birthday, so more to look forward to in the Autumn.

Toby Away

Toby is away this weekend with school for his second Duke of Edinburgh “expedition” – more like a week of walking really!

He’s a bit tired out, because he only came back on Tuesday from a very busy 6 days in Germany, visiting Tobi his german exchange partner.

Rose is out tonight on a sleepover, so John, Cindy and I are going to the cinema. We’re going to see Batman Begins – it’s the only film that isn’t a 12 that’s on!