Weekend at Home

We got back to York in time for lunch, unpacked and started on the mammoth washing pile! We ran out of washing powder before it was finished.

In the evening we went to a party at Matthew and Clare’s. Fantastic food, lots of salads (didn’t have enough of those while we were away), olives, bread and smoked salmon. Thomas and Joseph have grown loads since we last saw them, Thomas is off to school in September and Joseph is running around chatting.

On Sunday morning John, Rose and I went swimming. We had to go via Tesco’s because I couldn’t find my swimming trunks. Ended up with some horrible green and yellow shorts, disliked by one and all, but they were only £2.50. Good swim – and I booked myself onto a “Swim for Fitness” course in the autumn. I’ve always wanted to have a relaxed, efficient looking front crawl and have finally decided to do something about it. The classes are from 9:20 till 10:00 on Wednesday evenings, so that’ll be tiring.

Later on we went to Chrissie and Jonathon’s for a BBQ. Nice to get together with them.

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