All Back to School

Toby started year 10 yesterday – looking very smart in his blue T-shirt (lower school wear white – he’s really a big boy now!) He has either music or Design Technology each day which he sees as light relief, so he’s pleased with his timetable.

John (year 6 – last year at Scarcroft) and Rose (year 5 – Ms Gornall) back today. All up and dressed nice and early. Rose and Anna making plans to walk to school by themselves, as Tom and John do already. So I may soon be redundent for the school run. They seem excited to be back at school. This afternoon they are being picked up by Claire and Beth Gillam and are going around to their house to make fabric roses. This was arranged yesterday when Claire and Beth popped round to say hello, show off several textiles projects they had done and show us pictures of Kit’s wedding.

Cindy came down the stairs on her bottom relatively early today, about 11am. We went down the road to do some food shopping and she’s now waiting for Ruth Corry to come and visit her.

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