Cindy Downstairs

Late in the afternoon, Cindy came downstairs. I pushed her in the wheelchair along the landing to the stairs and then gave her a piggy back downstairs. After she’d recovered, we went out for a walk along the river.

We were also all able to eat tea together and watch a documentary film about the sea (Deep Blue).

It really was great to have Cindy with us. She also says that it was a relief to be out of the bedroom. She’s getting a bit bored of the same four walls!


Boring title I know – never mind.

In the morning: Toby went off to play squash for the first time at York RI. He’s stopping playing football, so decided to find a new sport and squash fits the bill well – local, indoor, so all year round, fast and energetic. He had a really good session and is going again on Tuesday.

John, Rose and I went down to Bishopthorpe Road for shopping and sweets. We bought back buns. I ate mine with Cindy while listening to BBC Radio 4 comedy – the “Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain” playing Smells like Teen Spirit. Very funny.

PM: J, R & I to university for Einstein Day, about Rockets. Set off stomp rockets and water rockets, and watched a solid fuel rocket go up about 100m. Displays about the planets and telescope (we brought home a make your own cardboard telescope) and two using liquid nitrogen to demonstrate super conductivity. Fun.
Toby put his remote control car back together – still not sure if it works though.

Evening: Rose and I went for a walk in the twilight/dark – across the Millennium Bridge, up the other side of the river to Skeldergate Bridge and then home along Bishopthorpe Road. Saw bats and had a good chat.

Dane’s Dyke

I went off today with the children to Dane’s Dyke to look for fossils. It’s supposed to be good for fossils in the chalk, but we didn’t find any.

We were going to go onto Hunmanby Gap, but just as we were packing the car to go, John unfortunately shut Rose’s finger in the boot of the car and gave it a huge knock. Luckily, it wasn’t broken, but it hurt like mad, so after running it under a tap in the toilets and an ice cream, we came straight home.

Cindy spent the day in bed, but Joolz came to see her this afternoon. She’s tired again – after the excitement of getting out of bed yesterday!