Bonfire Weekend

We went to two lovely bonfire parties this weekend.

On Friday we went to John and Katie’s. They had a huge bonfire on their allotment, with fireworks. Properly dark, away from all the houses and streetlights. Afterwards, we went back to their house for souper soup, cheese and bread. They must have bought most of the Good Food Shop’s bread, because there was lots of several types. And Mrs Bell’s Blue – my favourite. We’d already eaten, but seemed to have room for more.

Saturday was the day of the city fireworks. The council were remarkably cagey about where they were going to be, just saying they would be “Skyline Fireworks display (to be viewed from the city centre)“. This resulted in lots of rumours and people wandering aimlessly about. However, the fireworks were good – we were right next to a boat that set off about a million firecrackers – this alarmed Rose somewhat!

Then we went on to Sam and Steve’s to let off our own fireworks and eat homemade toffee!

Today I went to Meeting while everyone else lounged around all morning (actually not fair, Toby was working hard on typing up his essay). John, Rose and I went swimming in the afternoon, and later on we went round to the Holmans’ for tea and cake.

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