Past Week

I’ve had a great week this week. The weather still hasn’t been very good, but not too bad. Spent a couple of days in town, played some football, saw Shrek 3 and been mountain biking.

Mountain biking was great. My bike didn’t break – this is the first time on 3 attempts that me and my dad have got all the way around the bike trail without my bike breaking! The weather wasn’t very good, lots of rain and the tracks were coated in deeps puddles and mud everywhere. We had such a good time! Came back soaked, coated in mud and the car an absolute mess. I had to have a cold hose down before I could put my trousers in the washing machine, because the layers of mud would have broken it. I’ve got a couple of pictures that we took at the end which I’ll upload.

Rose got her SATs results yesterday, but I don’t what they are because she is sleeping at a friends all weekend. Dad and John are in London watching Live Earth – very exciting! I sleep at my friends house and I’ve got back from town so I’m about to have some lunch. Oh and I’ve got a new phone the Samsung u600 which is very nice!

Go to Greece in 2 weeks!