Cindy’s Gravestone

Well at last, Cindy’s gravestone has been put up in the cemetery. We all went this afternoon after Meeting, had a look at it and lit some candles Pat and Maurice had sent for Cindy’s anniversary and birthday.


The text says:

Cindy Michele Tarrant
9.10.1961 – 11.9.2005
run because you can

“Why the tiger?” I hear you ask. It was Rose’s idea, and it comes from something that Cindy used to joke about with the children. She often told them that at night, she unzipped her tail, turned into a tiger and ran around Rowntrees Park. So it really reminds us of her. And it goes well with the lower case writing at the bottom, which is an adaptation of the last sentence in her diary – “Certainly if there is life after death I am going to be a runner and I will run every day because I can.”

If you want to go and see her grave, it’s in York Cemetery (the Victorian one on Cemetery Road near the Barbican) and here’s a map to show you exactly where.

Map to Cindy's grave