Life at the moment

Sorry about the rubbish title, couldn’t think of anything more inspiring as just posting about general life at the moment! Been about 4 months since I last posted –  had a busy summer away in Greece, the lakes and now started college. Posted ages ago that I finished my GCSEs and got my results at the end of August, did very well and have my awards ceremony next week.

Rose has settled very well into Millthorpe  enjoying it and did eventually run her race for life – raising a lot of money. John is in the school production of the Wizard of Oz and has been very busy in the evenings with lots of rehearsals.  College is good very different from Millthorpe and I am enjoying it a lot more.

Everyone is out at the moment at Granny’s (Mary’s)  ceremony as she is becoming a Lay Reader. Going out for a meal at Meltons tonight which will be very nice. Off out into town so I might post sometime soon or it might be in a few more months!