Squash not Badminton – John to YTT

Yesterday I taught Luigi and Clara – for the first time this week as they’ve been in Italy. I had lunch with my dad and then went off to play badminton with Mark.

Unfortunately, there was a school using all the badminton courts, so we ended up playing squash and as I’m no good at squash he beat me. Pah!

John went to Youth Theatre Yorkshire at the Theatre Royal in the evening. Another new activity for a new year. It was his third session, and he really enjoyed it again. They’re doing things related to Sing Yer Hearts Out for the Lads so it was all football chants last night.

I was worn out so went to bed early.

Coffee with Andrea and Rose’s Yoga

I had coffee with Andrea this morning – two hours putting the world to rights.

Rose went for her third yoga session and really enjoyed it again. We’ve been looking for a children’s yoga class for a while and these have finally started up – and they’re dead local. She goes with Gemma and at the moment there are only the two of them in the class. They were doing handstands – definitely more than I can manage!

Memories of Cindy

Cathy Holman and Chris Hughes wrote this wonderful piece about Cindy for the Meeting Book of Memories.

Cindy Tarrant

It was a real gift and a pleasure in our lives to have been a friend of Cindy Tarrant.

Cindy was born on the 9th of October 1961, the middle daughter of Pat and Maurice. Her sister, Jayne was 2 years older and Mandy 4 years younger. Cindy lived in a house by the sea, which her father had built and her love of the sea remained with her throughout her life. Cindy cycled 4 miles daily to her primary school and moved onto secondary in Chichester. She attended two sixth forms in order to study for the A levels she was most interested in. Cindy always enjoyed sewing and knitting and made many of her own clothes. Cindy went on to the University of Surrey, the first person in her family to go to University. She was determined to follow a career path which she knew was for her and all her life took a pride in furthering her knowledge and skills in Home Economics and teaching. During her finals Cindy managed to fit in making her sister’s wedding dress.

Following her degree and her teaching qualification Cindy worked at Sarah Bonnell School in Newham. Cindy loved the work and enjoyed being a member of a hard working team however her love for travelling won out and she began a round the world journey with a good friend, Karen Cseleda. She was always ready to meet new people, travel to new places and was optimistic and cheerful about the future. They travelled through India, Nepal, Tibet, China and Hong Kong arriving in Australia. She made connections with people and formed relationships which endured the years, despite years of little contact. Cindy worked in Australia in the catering industry before heading off to travel again. She met Edward on her travels and they wandered Asia together, meeting many people who were touched by her flair and energy but also by her friendship and care.

They returned to this country for a while and Cindy took up her teaching before heading off again with Edward to South East Asia and Australia. Whilst in Australia Edward applied and was accepted to study at York University and they planned to have children once Edward graduated. However the children did not wait that long to arrive and Toby was born in 1991. Cindy got a temporary job while pregnant and worked after the birth of Toby and after the births of John and Rose. Cindy worked long hours with travelling on top and she did a lot of the work around the house. She did this all with good humour and grace.

Meeting for Worship and Quakers became very important to Cindy, having attended at Westminster when she was working in Newham. When she and Edward moved to York they began attending at Acomb Meeting, which they found friendly and welcoming. They moved to worship at Friargate Meeting following the birth of Toby. Cindy and Edward were married in Friargate on 22nd August 1992. Cindy was a valued member of the Friargate community and had a clear sense of her own spiritual beliefs. She was loved by many. Her wonderful laugh, her dismissal of pomposity or verbosity and her readiness to contribute, enriched our communal life beyond measure. Cindy was never daunted by tasks, no matter their nature or size. Cindy just got on with things. Her cooking and baking were sublime and the residents at the Arc Light project for the homeless regularly thanked Quakers for and commented on her sticky toffee pudding. Cindy took on the jobs no one wanted, including running the Link group, organising rotas and spending many Sunday mornings in crèche or Fox group. She organised numerous meals at Barmoor, enlivened the knitting and book groups and gave us much to think about. She could make things so easily, be it a wedding dress or costumes for John’s dance company. Cindy was hospitable and was really good at connecting with people. She had many friends.

Cindy loved clothes and especially shoes; she adored good coffee and food, loved parties, enjoyed electronic gadgets and was such fun to be with. At the age of 36 and with children aged 6, 2 and 1, Cindy was diagnosed with lung cancer. She had a lung removed followed by radiotherapy and it looked for several years that the cancer had gone. Unfortunately it returned and Cindy faced her illness and the treatment with such an enormous amount of courage and bravery, it left us all staggering.

Cindy was a wonderful mother. She was immensely proud of all her three children, loved them dearly and was determined to continue treating them exactly as she always had, despite knowing that she would not live long. Her love for Edward was clear and as they both struggled at times through some of the horrors of Cindy’s illness we could see how important this was to get them through.

What more to be said – she was hopeless at receiving presents and I suppose compliments too. It is hard to accept that Cindy, our energetic, inspirational, fun-loving, giggly, loving, thoughtful, giving, caring friend has gone and is not coming back. She had so much to offer and in her too short life she was so generous with her time, her friendship and her many talents.

Cindy kept a diary called “Having A Good Time: thoughts about my family and other things.” The very last thing she wrote in it was

“How can I not think every day that time is limited, especially when I wheeze just climbing the stairs. Certainly if there is life after death I am going to be a runner and I will run every day because I can.”

We love her and miss her.

Well – long time no post

I’ve really got out of the habit of writing here – partly because it felt as though I was trying to say the same things in different ways all the time!

Anyway – I’ll start again and see how I go this time round.We had a good summer holiday, visiting Mandy and David, going to Wales with all the extended family and going to Florence with Helen and David.

John has started secondary school at Millthorpe, Rose is in year 6 at Scarcroft with a new male teacher (who was on my PGCE course) whom she really likes, and Toby is working hard in year 11.

I’m doing some tutoring of Clara and Luigi, who’s mother has taken them out of school.

Over the summer I managed to do some yoga most days, and am still trying to keep that going. Rob has stopped doing daytime classes which is a shame, so I’ve started going to an evening class – longer and more difficult, but good. I feel a lot better for doing a little each day.

I’ve been out a lot to the theatre – notably recently to The Man with Two Gaffers with Judy and Keith, To Kill a Mockingbird with Toby and A One Man Star Wars Trilogy with Mark. Also still having coffe or lunch with friends – many thanks to Mark, Cathy, Kath, Andrea and Michelle. Still playing badminton whenever possible with Mark and Simon.

Life is busy and generally fun!

Half Term in Holland

Over half term we went to one of the Center Parcs in Holland. We drove via the Eurotunnel, then stopped at Antwerp on the way there and Bruges on the way back. All together I drove 1015 miles!! A bit too much really.

Once we were there though we had a great time. There was a big “tropical” swimming pool, with slides and waves and bubble pools and so on, where we spent most of our time. We also went climbing, played badminton and bowling and played a couple of board games. We had most of our meals out, and on one evening cooked a huge indoor barbeque.

We’d rented bikes – traditional Dutch one gear, back pedal brake, sit up and beg things they were. There were no cars allowed on the site except on leaving and arriving days, so we could all cycle round without worrying about bumping into anything.

It was great spending time with Will, Sarah, Jack and Grace, particularly as they are leaving for Australia in September.


The stop in Bruges on the way home was fantastic. Will had found an amazingly central hotel, we had a nice Italian meal and spent the lovely warm evening wandering around the beautiful city. There seemed to be loads to do there, lots of galleries and museums, and it would be a good place to go back to. You can get there easily via Eurostar, so maybe some weekend…


Phoenix Dance

John and I went to see Stories in Red the current Phoenix Dance production at the WYP last night. John has gone a couple of times before, but with Cindy, so I’ve never seen them before.

It was quite strange, and very gripping. Some of the dances didn’t have much of what I would think of as “dancing” in them, but that is probably just my ignorance! We saw Jeanetta, who used to teach John dance, and John would like to go back, as long as Isaac will go too. That’s a result in itself.

Toby’s New Job

Well that didn’t take long!!

It isn’t really a new job, because it’ll still be at the newsagent’s. Two hours from 6am to 8am on Saturday and Sunday morning working in the shop sorting out papers, serving customers and other things – it’ll become clearer what exactly when he starts – tomorrow morning.

Toby says that the best thing is that as he won’t be ruining his bike by using it to deliver papers, and ruining it, he can get a nice new mountain bike.

Paper Round

Toby is feeling rather agrieved this morning, as the papershop where he has diligently and very reliably done a paper round for the last 2 years has changed hands (again – that’s twice since Christmas) and are stopping deliving papers. From next Monday. So he’ll be out of a job. I expect that for a short while the lie in will nice, but it’ll soon be out weighed by the lack of money.

It seems very short sighted of the shop – they can’t expect to sell all the papers that they deliver at the moment. Surely not everyone will get up, get a paper, and then go home to read it?

Actually I am fired as of today – that’s zero days notice! Oh well I find a new job soon