The Tasting Room

Lunch today at The Tasting Room York. Here is Edward and my restaurant review. Tucked away in the ‘Latin Quater’ or behind Browns or near the expensive knicker shop – nice bustiier in the window this week!

Wine fabulous Dona Isidora Reisling 2003 very chilled light dry and not fruity something else that escapes my vocabulary, could have drunk another bottle!

We ordered a seared tuna salad and a pancetta with yorkshire blue salad. Both very respactable and delicious. Tuna by far the best buy; substantial and warm. Very generous on the olives and the feta cheese with the tuna worked really well. tuna moist and cooked beautifully. Croutons poor, too big and the bread too stale. The pancetta and yorkshire blue was a bit mean on both these ingredients which were both delicious and left you wanting more. The sweet potato was passed off as a garnish not appropriate given the lusty moorish nature of this lovely vegetable and one of the key ingredients listed in the menu description and so leading you to believe that it would feature quite prominantly. Salad leaves gorgeous and a good variety only hope they don’t come out of one of those bags held together by a plethora of gases and chemicals. E and I swapped our plates half way; I think he was reluctant to part with the seared tuna!!

The sweet menu was expensive and I could spot nothing that I hadn’t seen before so we gave that a miss. Coffee was excellent. E ordered a second cup that took ages to come, but then she didn’t charge him for it so fair doos. Tap water no problem and the waiteress was attentive to notice when we neede more.

Service was excellent and the waitresses very attractive (E’s comment !!!!) Have to say our waitress was wearing a beautiful dress that was certainly a cut above the average waitress garb. Does this kind of thing enhance the whole meal experience?

Decor; very expensive nicely done, but I couldn’t work out what all the coat hooks were for (not really positioned for coats) Wall paper particlarly good (although not matching at the corners can I believe I’m writing this particularly given how awful I proved to be on my one and only wall paper hanging experience).

Conclusion: really nice and will definitely give their evening menu a go.

Mum and Dad for the weekend

Started our weekend over a cup of tea and cream doughnuts and danish pastries. Caught up on family news while cooking fish pie and peas, helping Toby to fill out his Youth club forms and aid in stapling Rose’s puppet theatre project. Enjoyed a lovely family meal and then sunk into the soft seats for the evening.

Mum came with me to Rose’s dance class and dad had a bit of quiet newspaper reading after we all enjoyed a variety of cooked breakfast goodies. Haven’t watched Rose for several weeks now and could really see that she had improved and they were all able to pick up a dance routine more quickly. Edward took John to his class and he returned home wanting some proper dance shoes.

After lunch Toby and Edward went off to the Knavesmire to drive Toby’s truck and the rest of us headed out for the Railway Museum. Mum and Dad have not been here for several years and Dad was especially interested to see the Japanese Bullet train. Certainly nice to sink into the Bullet’s comfy seats fort 5 minutes and catch our breath from train viewing.
Back home it was useful not having to cook as Mum had brought a beef stew and a couple of fruit pies.

Card playing after tea accompanied with a bottle of wine and chocs.

Edward and children off to Meeting for the Christmas social on Sunday while Mum, Dad and I went to the Castle Museum. Have not been here without children before and it was really nice to take time and be able to read the information. Did have to avoid a rather eccentric couple who were engaging evrybody in conversation as they moved around the museum. The woman even shared her bottom wiping experience with me as we looked at rolls of ancient loo paper…… it somthing about my face?!!! Super cheese scones in the cafe and then a very quick whip round the second half as the parking time was running out and we could see a traffic warden in the car park from the cafe window.

Scrummy roast beef (Mum again) followed by meringues with raspberries from Jean’s allotment for supper. Mum and Dad then had to set off for the long five hour drive back. John is very pleased with his dance tape from Nanny and it is doubtful that the oversized fur coat will make it out of the house as John and Rose are having far too much fun with it. It seems to be doubling up as a bath robe at the moment.


Knitting Bee

Enjoyed a lovely day at Carol Gilham’s knitting bee held to celebrate her birthday. Arrived in good time to enjoy morning coffee and delicious biscuits. Sock knitting seemed to be the order of the day especially as Carol is a bit of a sock guru and carries the pattern around in her head. Annabel and Vivienne were knitting with a sock kit that includes pre dyed wool that knits into a pattern resulting in something that makes you look a lot more skilful than you actually are……this will be the kit for me! Jo was being skillful, however, and was half way through an enormous pair of tradiditional Norweigan socks -this was desrvedly awarded Corol’s project of the day.

Ruth Cory was up to the armhole shaping on a garment she described as a flak jacket. Fabulous construction in hand spun wool. I was amused to hear how Ruth started hand spinning on salvaging a couple of fleeces from a farmyard that she couldn’t bear to see go to waste. Also chatted with her about ‘Vera Drake’ that we had both seen and agreed was absolutely fabulous both as a piece of cinema and as a comment on women and abortion.

We moved into the subject of the importannce of choice and understanding others points of view and somehow into the animal rights campaigners in particular the appalling treatment meted out to anybody who has contact with the guinea pig farm raising animals for medical experimentation.

Lunch was scrummy: homemade lentil soup with breads and cheeses from Caroline’s Good Food shop served in the kitchen where Claire was encouraging us all to eat plenty as there was plenty more on hand.

Brenda offered up spare circular needles and cable needles of which I claimed some so I will definitely have to expand my knitting skills. Brenda was reknitting a cuff on a much loved cardigan-how’s that for economy.(Chatted to my mum about this and she used to do the same with our school jumpers also extending the length as we all got bigger. I can also recall mum talking about turning a well worn coat, this was also touched upon in Vera Drake. Can’t imagine that charity shops would have access to much stock in the 50’s)

And I have been knitting a jumper in Rowan kidsilkhaze(shades 582 and 605) pattern design number 23 ‘Glint’ by Kim Hargreaves in Rowan knitting magazine number 30. Simple roundneck striped jumper with edging in Rowan Lurex Shimmer (shade 339). Thinking that after this I will go for something more challenging.

I left in time to pick up John and Rose after a quick cup of tea and fruit bread. Knitters were still arriving. So if you are reading this Carol thankyou for a really lovely day and I look forward to more bees.

40th Wedding Anniversary

Sunday 9th May and Lance and Mary’s 40th Wedding Anniversary. Sorted out several weeks ago what everybody would like to do. So, there was sarah on salads, Jane on champers, Katharine on puds and me on meat and fish and a celebration cake.
We have tried to buy a sundial, but measurements of the sun’s movement have held things up a little and so this will be arriving later.
Arrived at 118 The Mount to assist Katharine with her puddings. She was well in control and Simon was on baby sling duty so we were able to get on with the final preparations. A table for 17 plus Jack plus Grace plus Thomas. Goodness knows what we will do when they’re sitting at the table. L and M will have to move again and buy an even bigger table.
Jane arrived with Richard and Katherine from London. Anne came with Jan and Roland. L and M arrived home from church followed by Edwaqrd and the children from Meeting and finally Will and Sarah with the children.
Following on from drinks, to the table and crack open the champaign with a toast from Edward and then on with the meal. There was a side of salmon with hollindase sauce, salmon eye of beef, green and potato salads, mozerella cheese with tomato and basil and pork pies. Lemon and lime and deep chocolate tarts and fruit salad for pudding. A selection of lovely cheeses that Jan brought.
To walk this lot off Mary took everybody down scarcroft road to look at the progress in the allotment. John and Rose wanted to see if any frogs had arrived in the pond attracted by the addition of the tadpoles the other week, a present from Charles and Tanya’s pond on the Hull road.
On return the cake was cut and tea and coffee made. Jan and Rowland had to get away taking Anne with them and Richard and Katherine followed on with a 6 o clock train to catch. Simon and Katherine departed with a slightly grumpy Thomas and a had a good journey home. We cycled home soon after. A lovely celebration that I think all enjoyed.



Edward is deep in SAT’s land this week with light relief provided by a very nice art project creating a pattern using felt that will culminate in a banner.
he has about 4 applications in at the moment and is having a week of doubt that a job is ever going to happen. Something will come up soon I’m sure. We all had a busy weekend and Edward took John and Rose to a music event at the Early Music Centre on Saturday for a show of Indian dance, poetry and music. Greatly enjoyed by all. He then took them all off to Meeting on Sunday while I helped katherine put the finising touches to her puddings for the 40th Wedding Celebration of lance and Mary.

Day out at the ‘Earth Centre’

Biked to the railway station this morning to catch the train to Connisborough just one stop down the line from Doncaster. We had to amuse ourselves for ha;f an hour waiting for the connection. Toby and Rose found the luggage trolly a good way to pass the time and then Toby decided that we should break into the packed lunch. The Earth Centre was relatively quiet for a bank holiday and we set off with our map to make the most of the full £10 package. Simulator first followed by the climbing wall . Toby, John and Rose made good work of this and then after a change of harness ascended the tower to leap offf on the zip wire. It looked massively tall and John assured me it looked a very long way down when you’re standing on the platform. Pirates adventure playground followed by the laser storm at which point Edward and I decided to abandon them and discover the cafe for a drink. Onto mini golf, Toby won, and archery which was at the furthest end of the centre and very chilly so I set offf for the sub tropical clime of the sewage processing greenhouse. More climbing wall, zip wire and laser storm and then onto Amazon adventure finishing off with the simulator. Another half hour wait at Doncaster causing a few moans that you didn’t have to wait if you came by car. Everybody very tired, but managed to cycle home. All the children are really good at cycling now and Rose is getting more road confident. We all had a great day and Toby even had a bit of energy left to play an hours’ tennis with Luke Holman.

Cat in the Hat

Today I took John and Rose to see the ‘Cat In The Hat’ very medicore and given only 5 out of 10 by John. It has been a lovely day and we have all spent the day generally settling back home after our time in the Dales. Toby has a job trial doing a paper round and Edward has continued with completing job applications.