Life at the moment

Sorry about the rubbish title, couldn’t think of anything more inspiring as just posting about general life at the moment! Been about 4 months since I last posted –  had a busy summer away in Greece, the lakes and now started college. Posted ages ago that I finished my GCSEs and got my results at the end of August, did very well and have my awards ceremony next week.

Rose has settled very well into Millthorpe  enjoying it and did eventually run her race for life – raising a lot of money. John is in the school production of the Wizard of Oz and has been very busy in the evenings with lots of rehearsals.  College is good very different from Millthorpe and I am enjoying it a lot more.

Everyone is out at the moment at Granny’s (Mary’s)  ceremony as she is becoming a Lay Reader. Going out for a meal at Meltons tonight which will be very nice. Off out into town so I might post sometime soon or it might be in a few more months!

Past Week

I’ve had a great week this week. The weather still hasn’t been very good, but not too bad. Spent a couple of days in town, played some football, saw Shrek 3 and been mountain biking.

Mountain biking was great. My bike didn’t break – this is the first time on 3 attempts that me and my dad have got all the way around the bike trail without my bike breaking! The weather wasn’t very good, lots of rain and the tracks were coated in deeps puddles and mud everywhere. We had such a good time! Came back soaked, coated in mud and the car an absolute mess. I had to have a cold hose down before I could put my trousers in the washing machine, because the layers of mud would have broken it. I’ve got a couple of pictures that we took at the end which I’ll upload.

Rose got her SATs results yesterday, but I don’t what they are because she is sleeping at a friends all weekend. Dad and John are in London watching Live Earth – very exciting! I sleep at my friends house and I’ve got back from town so I’m about to have some lunch. Oh and I’ve got a new phone the Samsung u600 which is very nice!

Go to Greece in 2 weeks!

Great Yarmouth!

Got back from Yarmouth last night after an exhausting journey, but having had a great time. The first train journey took 6 hours due to flooding on the tracks so we didn’t get in until 7. Had a good first night with me and Josh cooking Pizza with a chocolate pudding and then we went out for a midnight walk along the beach.

The second day was a bit cloudy, but we walked down the beach and went on some of the amusements. Had fish and chips on the pier and went in some of the tacky shops! That used up most of the day. Katie and Jenny cooked tea that evening and then we had a party with some other people staying who had also just finished their GCSEs.

On Wednesday we went down to the beach and it was very sunny. We went in the sea and on Josh’s inflatable whale which I bought him for his birthday. Found this lovely cafe on the seafront and bought a toasted teacake, soup and a bread roll for £3 – great value. Got all dressed up and went out for a lovely curry in the evening.

On the final morning we had sausages for breakfast and went for a last walk along the beach, whilst getting ice cream. Had to rush to get the train, but made it in time. Journey took four hours so was still an hour slow, but not too bad. Had a great time and I’ll post some pictures when I get them in a bit.

Rose’s Race for life has been delayed until July due to rain – so there’s still time to sponsor her if you haven’t yet! Hope everyone’s ok. Bye

Past couple of days

Had a good couple of days recently, although the weather hasn’t been very good. Spent Friday in town with friends – dashing into random shops when the heavens opened. It was my friends party last night and he was quite worried because it was going to be outside and it had been raining. Got luck though and the rain stopped at about 6 and then didn’t start up again till this morning, so it was a good party.

Haven’t really done much this morning. Spent the morning recovering at my friends house then played badminton this afternoon. Had some tasty lamb chops for tea and I’ve just got in from my run around the river. (Second one in 3 days – that’s dedication for me!) Dad’s downstairs having his birthday meal with Helen, Josh and Sharon. John cooked the meal and it looks delicious. I’ll be off now and I’ll try and write again before I go away on Monday.

Dad’s birthday

Dad’s birthday yesterday. Got a nice selection of presents. A hand made pillow cover from Rose (made by Rose), a hand cooked meal from John, and I got him a bag for his bike! I think I get most marks for effort! G & G gave him some money because he keeps on thinking on getting a new bike and can’t decide if it’s worth it. Went out for a lovely meal at La Piazza. Good as Usual.

Today I’ve spent the day in Leeds with friends and bought some new clothes for the hols. Looking forward to Greece very much. Everyone’s out at the moment seeing John’s play that he has done with his theatre group. Got a busy week ahead, and I’m going away with friends next week to Great Yarmouth! Should be great. Anyway I’m off out now, so bye.

Dad turns 39!!!

Believe it or not dad is now 39 which considering I’m 16 still makes him pretty young, but still he’s almost 40! We’re off out for a meal tomorrow night at La Piazza one of the best Italian’s in York – defiantly our favourite. I cooked today for the first time in about a year. I made mussels in a white wine sauce, with hand cut chips. It was delicious. Not at school, but still being incredibly busy – didn’t manage to get everything done today; probably because most of days start at about half eleven! Anyway I’ll be off because I have to get up tomorrow to give dad his present before J & R leave for school – so up at half 7!!!!

Truck moved

Just to let you know that all updates about my truck have been moved, to a new website that I am making myself, I’ll probably post a few things about stuff going on, but not much. Mainly it will be about the truck. The website is set out the same way so it won’t be hard to use. For your updates go to

By the way the truck is going great!!!

Truck-part 4

Hey everybody my truck is now back to its normal self again, after a few bumpy weeks she is in fully working condition! I was driving her last night around the park and she was going scarily fast! Well as I said last time I was going to go down to the Knavesmire and drive about. I also mentioned letting dad have a go. I should have realised from the beginning that that was a mistake!

O well got her fixed up and she is running smoothly. Going to buy a few parts for her over the next two weeks or so. This time to make sure the truck lasts longer than to get the truck going again!

I’m going to get a new air filter and a fuel filter. This will stop dirt and dust getting into the engine and also keep the engine cool while it is running. I am also going to get a centre skid plate and a fuel tank guard. This will strengthen the truck and help stop things breaking. Overall these four items will cost about £40!!! Oh well its all worth it.

Oh yeah and she still hasn’t had the space to hit top speed. I don’t think I will ever drive her at top speed because you need a really long, straight, flat road to get full power with no cars and you don’t get that in the UK! Oh well I’ll see how fast I can get her going off road though!!!

Monster Truck Update!

Hey Toby here. Been fidilling with car over the last week or so and today it got its first sort of run. I’ve had a few short ones in the alley before, a minute or so, just to test the settings. This evening though I took out the front and drove around the street. I took it up and down and jumped it up and down the pavement, great fun! Grandpa, Dad and John watched. It still isn’t going its best but nearly there. Hopefully going to go down to the knavesmire tommorrow and give it a proper drive.

Todays, was only about five minutes, but it was dark and I didn’t want any cars to come and crunch it. I still haven’t let the car hit top speed yet, there isn’t enough room on our short road, I don’t think it has even hit 2nd! Hopefully knaversmire will go sucessfully and dad can have a go. Well maybe a short go! Hope you like the pics, just a few quick snaps of it in my kitchen. Update you soon and maybe a few pics of it on the knavesmire.


See ya