Best Present?

Mary and Lance gave us Big Deal tickets for the West Yorkshire Playhouse as a Christmas Present. This gives you a choice of 4 out of 5 plays that are on from now until the summer. Cindy phoned and booked them all yesterday, so we’ve got dates in the diary for A Doll’s House, David Copperfield and The 39 Steps. One of the other two plays is a series of new plays by new Leeds writers, so we’ve got tickets for all three – three separate shows for £10! Because we’ve booked nice and early, we’ve got the best seats in the house each time – full price tickets are £20-£25. A fantastic present – we’ve got 6 evenings at the theatre to look forward to.

We’re also going to The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe next week and Don Givovanni at Opera North the week after that!

Grown Up Evening

Last night we had Jo & Bill and Michelle & Mark round for a meal. We had a fantastic time. Lovely food Рcrostini and olives, goats cheese souffl̩, fish stew, diplomatico (an Italian chocolate pudding), cheese, coffee and chocs. Very over the top.

We also drank well, in particular the dessert wine was luscious.

The children were fantastic – watching Strictly Come Dancing to start with and then more or less putting themselves to bed. It makes things much easier now they are more grown up.

We chatted till about 1:30, with not too much concentration on house prices and school politics – although Jo did reveal that Mrs Cornhill sent Kjartan a thong following his Magic with Pants gig and Mark was proud to show off the new website he’s done for the school.

Cindy took a couple of photos – here they are.


One Touch of Venus

Cindy and I went to see this musical at The Grand, Leeds. It’s by Kurt Weill with lyrics by Ogden Nash and apparently has never had a full performance in this country, and has not had one in the states since it was first performed in 1943. It had really colourful costumes, great songs, good dancing and some slightly rude jokes. An excellent evening out.

We went on the last preview night, when tickets were half price. This meant that seats in the dress circle were affordable, instead of extortionate.

Summer Holidays

It’s been ages since we added anything, so here’s a general round up of events of the last month or so.

Cindy is off treatment and is generally feeling fine – she’s got a cold at the moment, so is rather breathless, but it should go soon.

Edward has finished at Wheldrake, to his great relief! The last few weeks dragged like anything. Now he’s starting to get ready for his new job.

The children are enjoying the start of the holiday.

In late June we had a fantastic party at Lance and Mary’s. It was on a Sunday afternoon, we had about 100 guests, Cindy had done lots of wonderful food and everyone drank quite a lot. Perhaps it should become an annual event.