I said the reiki made me feel more energetic – here’s proof (perhaps).

I beat Simon at badminton (notice Simon doesn’t mention the result here). I very rarely beat him and today felt really good. I always enjoy playing and feel I get a lot out of an hour of frantic running around.


So (see comment here), what was reiki like?

Well… while trying to remain scientific and sceptical – I certainly enjoyed it and definitely feel more energised yesterday evening and today. I think I felt an unusual amount of heat from Robert’s hands and a sometimes a peculiar tingling sensation where his hands were resting. Is this just because he has warm hands and my legs were falling asleep. Hard to tell. I definitely felt slightly spaced afterwards for a while, and more awake. I’m sure that just talking to someone for half an hour and then having a rest/snooze has some effect though!

Will I go back – at the moment I think I probably will, I’ll see how I feel in a few days.

Off Work

I’ve been signed off sick for eight weeks by my doctor – stress. It takes me from half term to Christmas.

It’s a relief really, as I wasn’t able to concentrate on work at all. Now I’ll be able to think about the important things – Cindy and the children. I’ll also have time to sort out in my head how we’re going to work things in the long run.

I’ve sorted out the medium term planning for the half term, and can now try and forget about school for a while.

In the Lake District

Well – I needn’t have dreaded it! The coach journey over to the Lake District was fine, even quite pleasant, and after the first night when the children were up till 2 in the morning (about what I expected), last night was a pleasant surprise. Most of the children were tired enough to get to sleep by 12. Some were awake later, but they managed to be quiet(ish).

The activities on the whole are well run, the outdoor type things particularly so. The ICT things are not as interesting, but the Wheldrake adults are not needed to help with these, so I get a bit of a breather every now and again – such as now. I’ve particularly enjoyed the quad biking and the fencing. I had a great time during an activity called Nightline. The pupils had to go around a small assault course blindfolded, during which time I was able to tickle them with a feather, roar in their ears and scrunch dry leaves in their hair.

The food has been surprisingly good – I’ve turned myself into a vegetarian for the trip and as usual this means the food is better! Vegetarian samosas and spicy potato wedges have been the highlight so far, but most of it is fairly good. There always seems to be salads and fresh fruit and there are also lots of water dispensers all over the place, so plenty of chances to be healthy too.

I’ve enjoyed the trip and am certain the kids have too, but it will be very nice to be sleeping in my own bed tomorrow.

Edward Gets a Job!!

After what feels like an age of apply for jobs and not getting anywhere, I’ve got a job for next September at last! It’s full time, permanent and close to York – Cawood.

Not only is it a job, I think it’s actually a good job. It’s quite a small village school, (info here), 150 pupils and 5 teachers plus headteacher, teaching assistants, and so on. It seemed like a very supportive school, with lots of community links. It also had a good Ofsted report and looks good in league tables (for what that’s worth).

Now all I’ve got to do is survive the rest of the term at my current job – I’m off tomorrow to the Lake District for three nights/four days with the class, which I’m dreading!

Back to School

Well it’s Thursday and we’ve all been back at school since Monday. The children seem to have all settled back in well and are enjoying themselves. Toby did very well in maths and science tests at the start of the week – thanks to all the revision he managed to do in the last week of the holiday. John and Rose have both signed up to go on an orienteering and a cross-country afternoon. John has been saying since he saw the Great North Run on Blue Peter last year that he wants to do a run and now’s his chance. Edward is also back at school – only two weeks one day to go before Y6 STAs start – arrgh.

Cindy expended so much energy during the holiday; particularly during the last weekend, when we went to two things on Saturday and spent the whole day out on Sunday; that she was absolutely wiped out. We actually got the GP out on Sunday night in case she had an infection, but she doesn’t. She spent most of the day on Monday sleeping, slept all Tuesday afternoon dozing and had a very quiet Wednesday too. She is gradually recovering though – in fact she should be just about back to normal when it’ll be time to go back into hospital for her next treatment next week!

I’m just finishing next week’s planning at school and then I will go home. It’s a lovely afternoon, and I’m looking forward to going down to the park with the children.