Jayne’s Birthday

We all (Jayne, Steve, Christopher, Pat, Maurice, Mandy, David, Amy, Tom, Cindy, Me, Toby, John and Rose – Matthew AWOL) went out for Jayne’s birthday last night to a very nice Italian restaraunt in Emsworth called Niccolino’s. David had said that the portions were big, but they were truly enormous. Really wide menu, very good pizza.

We all had a really good time, especially when the waiter came round to help Steve sing to Jayne in Italian!

All Family OK

Jane and Katharine and partners/child are all ok, following the bomb in London today. Been exchanging phone calls and texts with them and friends in London today – all well with people we know.

Frightening. We’re intending to go down to London next week, I’m sure all will be clear by then, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Easter Sunday

We’ve had a lovely lunch today with Lance and Mary. Roast Lamb – we haven’t had anything roasted for a while (except for chicken on Friday, Cindy has just pointed out)!

Last night we had a fantastic meal with Lal and Pauline at Melton’s.

Kitchen paint colour is chosen and bought. All ready to go, just going to give the plaster another day to dry some more.

Maurice’s Surprise 70th Birthday Party

Cindy’s dad, Maurice, was 70 on Friday and we all met up for a surprise meal. He knew he was going out with Mandy and David, but also there were Amy and Tom, Janyne, Steve, Christopher (who’s 20th birthday it was), Matthew and Cindy and I. Maurice was very surpirsed and very pleased!

Jayne had organised a fantastic gift for him. It’s a voucher for him to be able to drive a F1 racing car. Maurice seemed pretty overwhelmed by this, and couldn’t wait to be able to do it. Photos to follow once he does it!

We had a nice meal in a pub near to where Pat and Maurice live – followed by coffee and more drinks back at their house. Didn’t get into bed intil almost 2! Then drove back home this morning.


Mandy and Tom Here

Mandy and Tom have come to visit for a few days. Tom’s half term has just started – unlike ours, which is just finishing. Toby and Tom have spent ages on various computers, and have been to the park to drive Toby’s car (but a wheel fell off – not even my fault! – it’s only a screw.) Mandy, John, Rose and I went to a Viking Craft Trading Fair (!) full of people in chain mail buying drinking horns and so on.

Cindy hasn’t been out today as she’s getting a bit of a cold. Her next chemo is on Tuesday. Mandy and Tom also go home on Tuesday, taking a huge list of kitchen jobs for David – he’s ripping our kitchen out at the end of the month. Exciting.

Mum and Dad for the weekend

Started our weekend over a cup of tea and cream doughnuts and danish pastries. Caught up on family news while cooking fish pie and peas, helping Toby to fill out his Youth club forms and aid in stapling Rose’s puppet theatre project. Enjoyed a lovely family meal and then sunk into the soft seats for the evening.

Mum came with me to Rose’s dance class and dad had a bit of quiet newspaper reading after we all enjoyed a variety of cooked breakfast goodies. Haven’t watched Rose for several weeks now and could really see that she had improved and they were all able to pick up a dance routine more quickly. Edward took John to his class and he returned home wanting some proper dance shoes.

After lunch Toby and Edward went off to the Knavesmire to drive Toby’s truck and the rest of us headed out for the Railway Museum. Mum and Dad have not been here for several years and Dad was especially interested to see the Japanese Bullet train. Certainly nice to sink into the Bullet’s comfy seats fort 5 minutes and catch our breath from train viewing.
Back home it was useful not having to cook as Mum had brought a beef stew and a couple of fruit pies.

Card playing after tea accompanied with a bottle of wine and chocs.

Edward and children off to Meeting for the Christmas social on Sunday while Mum, Dad and I went to the Castle Museum. Have not been here without children before and it was really nice to take time and be able to read the information. Did have to avoid a rather eccentric couple who were engaging evrybody in conversation as they moved around the museum. The woman even shared her bottom wiping experience with me as we looked at rolls of ancient loo paper……..is it somthing about my face?!!! Super cheese scones in the cafe and then a very quick whip round the second half as the parking time was running out and we could see a traffic warden in the car park from the cafe window.

Scrummy roast beef (Mum again) followed by meringues with raspberries from Jean’s allotment for supper. Mum and Dad then had to set off for the long five hour drive back. John is very pleased with his dance tape from Nanny and it is doubtful that the oversized fur coat will make it out of the house as John and Rose are having far too much fun with it. It seems to be doubling up as a bath robe at the moment.


Good Food

Cindy & I went out with Jane and Andy for a lovely meal on Saturday. We went to Meltons, the restaurant where I used to work as a waiter. We were upstairs, which was a slight problem to start with, as it took Cindy quite a while to get up the stairs. But once we were up it was better than being on the ground floor because the toilet is on the same level rather than down in the basement!

We all ate too much (I had a fantastic bouillabaisse and three of the four of us had blue cheese and walnut gnocchi for starters), pulled crackers and drank well. Meltons was very busy, as I expect it is all the time now until Christmas.

On Sunday we went to Lance and Mary’s for lunch. Jane and Andy were staying there, and Will and Sarah came over with Jack and Grace. It was fun having such a large family meal – especially as we’re not going to have a huge get-together at Christmas. Jack and Grace were really well behaved – they both sat at the table and Jack did his best to use the cutlery. He is so big for his age!

Late Night

After a busy day and evening yesterday, I managed to go to bed fairly early, but just as I was drifting off to sleep (11:15ish), my dad phoned.

He was in a lot of pain from an overfull bladder that he could not empty (ugh). I phoned the out of hours doctor service, spoke to a nurse and then a doctor and then a doctor came round. It ended up with me taking him to casualty, the doctor phoning the urology oncall person ahead and him having a catheter put in. Once that was done he felt hugely better and once they’d found him a bed on a ward he was able to get some sleep, and I was able to come home (2am).

We expected that he would have to stay in for a few days, but he was discharged this afternoon and is at ours at the moment where he is going to have tea. He still has the catheter in but he is able to go normally. He’s going to be put on a waiting list for some sort of prostate operation. He seems fine though.

I hate hospitals and I seem to be having to go to them far too often at the moment!

Oh well, tomorrow I’m going for the more alternative health care end of things. I’m going over to Leeds to go to Robert Maida, the reiki person that Cindy has been going to for a while. I know she has got a lot out of it, so I will withhold my total and utter scepticism and see what it’s like.

Mandy & David Visit

We’ve had Mandy, David, Amy and Tom to visit for the last few days. They came up on Thursday and are leaving on Sunday.

We’ve had a really good time, and have done a lot of things together. Toby, David, Tom and I visited Aerial Extreme to pretend to be monkeys. And then fish and chips on the way home. Cindy, Mandy, Amy, John and Rose went off to do some shopping.

On Saturday morning, all the adults went out for a meal at La Piazza and had a really lovely time – see photo.