Feeling Better

Cindy’s been off chemo since Wednesday, and is now feeling much healthier. She has spent most of the afternoon in town with Rose, who had birthday money burning a hole in her pocket. Cindy was able to enjoy pottering around for several hours – much more than she could have managed earlier in the week. Her mouth ulcers are mostly gone and her hands are starting to feel better.

Everyone except me is getting ready for Pauline and Lal’s wedding – I went with John today to choose a new shirt and Cindy is busy deciding which shoes she should add to her collection. Toby, John and Rose are looking forward to it especially because they’ll get a day off school – which is why I can’t go.

Toby has spent all day out, first in town with his friends and then watching Huddersfield Town play football (unfortunately they lost and so are still not guaranteed promotion). He’s just phoned on his new mobile to say they are just leaving the car park in Huddersfield. I think that was probably his first phone call.

I’m going to go and open a bottle of chilled white wine and sit in the yard with Cindy and enjoy the sunshine.

One thought on “Feeling Better”

  1. We are so pleased to read your website. We wish you all well and hope to see you sometime in the near future.
    Lots of love from
    Hanne and Richard

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