Biked to the railway station this morning to catch the train to Connisborough just one stop down the line from Doncaster. We had to amuse ourselves for ha;f an hour waiting for the connection. Toby and Rose found the luggage trolly a good way to pass the time and then Toby decided that we should break into the packed lunch. The Earth Centre was relatively quiet for a bank holiday and we set off with our map to make the most of the full £10 package. Simulator first followed by the climbing wall . Toby, John and Rose made good work of this and then after a change of harness ascended the tower to leap offf on the zip wire. It looked massively tall and John assured me it looked a very long way down when you're standing on the platform. Pirates adventure playground followed by the laser storm at which point Edward and I decided to abandon them and discover the cafe for a drink. Onto mini golf, Toby won, and archery which was at the furthest end of the centre and very chilly so I set offf for the sub tropical clime of the sewage processing greenhouse. More climbing wall, zip wire and laser storm and then onto Amazon adventure finishing off with the simulator. Another half hour wait at Doncaster causing a few moans that you didn't have to wait if you came by car. Everybody very tired, but managed to cycle home. All the children are really good at cycling now and Rose is getting more road confident. We all had a great day and Toby even had a bit of energy left to play an hours' tennis with Luke Holman.