40th Wedding Anniversary

Sunday 9th May and Lance and Mary’s 40th Wedding Anniversary. Sorted out several weeks ago what everybody would like to do. So, there was sarah on salads, Jane on champers, Katharine on puds and me on meat and fish and a celebration cake.
We have tried to buy a sundial, but measurements of the sun’s movement have held things up a little and so this will be arriving later.
Arrived at 118 The Mount to assist Katharine with her puddings. She was well in control and Simon was on baby sling duty so we were able to get on with the final preparations. A table for 17 plus Jack plus Grace plus Thomas. Goodness knows what we will do when they’re sitting at the table. L and M will have to move again and buy an even bigger table.
Jane arrived with Richard and Katherine from London. Anne came with Jan and Roland. L and M arrived home from church followed by Edwaqrd and the children from Meeting and finally Will and Sarah with the children.
Following on from drinks, to the table and crack open the champaign with a toast from Edward and then on with the meal. There was a side of salmon with hollindase sauce, salmon eye of beef, green and potato salads, mozerella cheese with tomato and basil and pork pies. Lemon and lime and deep chocolate tarts and fruit salad for pudding. A selection of lovely cheeses that Jan brought.
To walk this lot off Mary took everybody down scarcroft road to look at the progress in the allotment. John and Rose wanted to see if any frogs had arrived in the pond attracted by the addition of the tadpoles the other week, a present from Charles and Tanya’s pond on the Hull road.
On return the cake was cut and tea and coffee made. Jan and Rowland had to get away taking Anne with them and Richard and Katherine followed on with a 6 o clock train to catch. Simon and Katherine departed with a slightly grumpy Thomas and a had a good journey home. We cycled home soon after. A lovely celebration that I think all enjoyed.


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