Day Out to Harrogate

After I’d dropped the children at school, Cindy and I went over to Harrogate to the Turkish Baths (recently renovated). I really enjoyed it, as always, and spent a lot of time in the steam room and the plunge pool. Cindy, however, found it too hot, too exhausting and spent her time either in the coolest dry room or relaxing on the day beds. We left earlier than we might have done otherwise, but it did mean that we arrived in Betty’s just before the queue started.


We had a lovely lunch, as you can probably see from the photos – rosti with smoked salmon for her, and rosti with scrambled egg, mushrooms and tomatoes for me. We walked back to the station and then arrived back in York just in time to pick up the children.

In the evening, I took John and Rose over to gym, where I bumped into Saffron – Nok has joined the same gym class as Rose. So I was able to chat for an hour instead of sitting reading, much more pleasant.

And after that, Sam came round to babysit for a couple of hours so Cindy and I could go out to Gill’s fiftieth birthday party. It’s difficult to believe that she is so old, she certainly doesn’t seem it. I suppose that 50 isn’t that old nowdays. Chatted to people about the oddest things – Cindy’s electric bike, reliable garages (Clive Hartley if you’re local and don’t already know), drumming and various other odds and sods.

Very nice day all in all.

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