Late Night

After a busy day and evening yesterday, I managed to go to bed fairly early, but just as I was drifting off to sleep (11:15ish), my dad phoned.

He was in a lot of pain from an overfull bladder that he could not empty (ugh). I phoned the out of hours doctor service, spoke to a nurse and then a doctor and then a doctor came round. It ended up with me taking him to casualty, the doctor phoning the urology oncall person ahead and him having a catheter put in. Once that was done he felt hugely better and once they’d found him a bed on a ward he was able to get some sleep, and I was able to come home (2am).

We expected that he would have to stay in for a few days, but he was discharged this afternoon and is at ours at the moment where he is going to have tea. He still has the catheter in but he is able to go normally. He’s going to be put on a waiting list for some sort of prostate operation. He seems fine though.

I hate hospitals and I seem to be having to go to them far too often at the moment!

Oh well, tomorrow I’m going for the more alternative health care end of things. I’m going over to Leeds to go to Robert Maida, the reiki person that Cindy has been going to for a while. I know she has got a lot out of it, so I will withhold my total and utter scepticism and see what it’s like.

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