Lunch with Kath

Cindy and I had lunch with Kath Pringle today. We’ve seen very little of her since she, Marcus and Louis left York 3 years ago. But since Marcus’s death earlier this year she and Louis have come back and are currently living over in a friend’s flat in Heslington. Louis has gone back to the Steiner school for the one remaining year that he can go there, and Kath has got a job in a special school in Knaresborough.

It was great to see her, and lunch turned into 3:30 by the time she left. She looks just the same as when she left York. Louis who we saw briefly a few weeks ago doesn’t, of course. He has grown a lot and at the moment looks ages older than Toby, even though they are about the same age. We’ve arranged that she and Louis will come over on New Year’s Eve, unless they arrange to go to Spain to see Marcus’s sister.

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