York Christmas Lights Turned On

I got back from town with the children just a couple of hours ago. We’d been into town to watch the lights being turned on, but the big attraction were Huge. They played for about 45 minutes before the lights were turned on – which was very dull, with the Lord Mayor, Sherriff, someone from Nestle and a couple of boring Radio York presenters – and then for about the same time afterwards. All their usual songs – Jungle Book, Walking on Sunshine, American Pie, Build Me Up Buttercup, Sit Down – and almost all with audience participation. I really enjoyed it and so did the children. It was exciting being out in town in the dark.

The photos are more impressionistic than realistic. It was dark and too far away for the flash so most of them are a bit blurred, and possibly look all the better for that.


The rest of the day – I went to yoga and the supermarket, the children to school and Cindy rested. She’s ok, but has some aches and pains and feels drained.

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