Good Food

Cindy & I went out with Jane and Andy for a lovely meal on Saturday. We went to Meltons, the restaurant where I used to work as a waiter. We were upstairs, which was a slight problem to start with, as it took Cindy quite a while to get up the stairs. But once we were up it was better than being on the ground floor because the toilet is on the same level rather than down in the basement!

We all ate too much (I had a fantastic bouillabaisse and three of the four of us had blue cheese and walnut gnocchi for starters), pulled crackers and drank well. Meltons was very busy, as I expect it is all the time now until Christmas.

On Sunday we went to Lance and Mary’s for lunch. Jane and Andy were staying there, and Will and Sarah came over with Jack and Grace. It was fun having such a large family meal – especially as we’re not going to have a huge get-together at Christmas. Jack and Grace were really well behaved – they both sat at the table and Jack did his best to use the cutlery. He is so big for his age!

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