York Waits

After saying bye to James and Emma (we left them at ours to have some tea, bathe children and go home) we went to La Piazza and had pizzas with Lance and Mary.

The next part of our action packed day was to go to see a concert at the National Centre for Early Music. There was a Christmas concert by the York Waits. I really enjoyed it, the children were a little tired and got a bit bored, but we lasted the whole concert. They had some huge recorders, the largest was about 6 or 7 feet tall, not including the spike it rested on. It had a long curved metal tube as its mouthpiece so you didn’t have to stand on a chair to blow it. It made a lovely gentle deep sound. They played lots of carols I knew and some I didn’t and it was a lovely evening.

And so to bed.

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