Reading this article in today’s Guardian, has prompted me to add something about Cindy’s knitting.

It’s something she’s picked up again after finishing working. She has two of Rose’s friends, Mimi and Eleanor, round each Monday after school, when they do a little knitting and then watch Blue Peter. Rose, being the continually crafty person she is, really enjoys it and picks her knitting up from time to time during the week as well.

Cindy is just about to sew together a finished jumper that she’s been working on for a while – finishing it off has been postponed time and again! It’s a plain black woollen jumper knitted from lovely soft Rowan wool. She’s about to finish it because she’s found the next project she wants to do. This is another jumper with wide blue and grey stripes and a glittery blue border. This will be knitted in Rowan Kidsilk Haze – an amazingly fine, soft and slightly furry wool.

Next Friday she is off to a whole day knitting bee at Carol’s – knitter extraordinaire. I’m sure she’ll have a good day. A lovely invitation that particularly said not to bring any food!

I hope I’ll be able to put some photos of finished projects up soon!

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