Don Giovanni

We went to the opera last night with Keith and Judy. Before it started, we went for a meal at Fruits and Shoots, a vegetarian restaurant which is just round the corner from the Grand Theatre.

I really enjoyed the opera – the costumes seemed a bit of a hotch-potch, most in sort of 30s style, and one not at all. The singing and playing though were excellent – I particularly liked Leporello’s voice.

Not particularly knowing the opera, I couldn’t see how they were going to have a second half – as they caught Don Giovanni and were just about to have their revenge, when… he escaped! The second half was a bit bizarre, with an invitation to a meal issued to the statue of a dead man – who then turned up and took Don Giovanni down to hell.

The final bit of singing, which sounds very joyful when sung in Italian, turns out to mean “All sinners will go to hell.” Odd.

I suppose you don’t particularly go to opera for the coherence of the plot.

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