Mum and Dad for the weekend

Started our weekend over a cup of tea and cream doughnuts and danish pastries. Caught up on family news while cooking fish pie and peas, helping Toby to fill out his Youth club forms and aid in stapling Rose’s puppet theatre project. Enjoyed a lovely family meal and then sunk into the soft seats for the evening.

Mum came with me to Rose’s dance class and dad had a bit of quiet newspaper reading after we all enjoyed a variety of cooked breakfast goodies. Haven’t watched Rose for several weeks now and could really see that she had improved and they were all able to pick up a dance routine more quickly. Edward took John to his class and he returned home wanting some proper dance shoes.

After lunch Toby and Edward went off to the Knavesmire to drive Toby’s truck and the rest of us headed out for the Railway Museum. Mum and Dad have not been here for several years and Dad was especially interested to see the Japanese Bullet train. Certainly nice to sink into the Bullet’s comfy seats fort 5 minutes and catch our breath from train viewing.
Back home it was useful not having to cook as Mum had brought a beef stew and a couple of fruit pies.

Card playing after tea accompanied with a bottle of wine and chocs.

Edward and children off to Meeting for the Christmas social on Sunday while Mum, Dad and I went to the Castle Museum. Have not been here without children before and it was really nice to take time and be able to read the information. Did have to avoid a rather eccentric couple who were engaging evrybody in conversation as they moved around the museum. The woman even shared her bottom wiping experience with me as we looked at rolls of ancient loo paper…… it somthing about my face?!!! Super cheese scones in the cafe and then a very quick whip round the second half as the parking time was running out and we could see a traffic warden in the car park from the cafe window.

Scrummy roast beef (Mum again) followed by meringues with raspberries from Jean’s allotment for supper. Mum and Dad then had to set off for the long five hour drive back. John is very pleased with his dance tape from Nanny and it is doubtful that the oversized fur coat will make it out of the house as John and Rose are having far too much fun with it. It seems to be doubling up as a bath robe at the moment.


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