Vikings vs Saxons

We went down to the Eye of York this afternoon to watch a battle between the Vikings and the Saxons. It was supposed to be 1066 and the Battle of Stamford Bridge, so the Vikings lost.

It was a bit dull to be honest, but John and Rose enjoyed it.

It made me think of something that had crossed my mind at the Chinese Parade earlier in the week. Lots of people there were taking photos, either with digital cameras or with camera phones. Most of the photos will have the top of the person in front’s head, and in the dark the action was too far away for the flash to have worked, so there must be an awful lot of fairly rubbish photos out there somewhere – what happens to them all? Do people save them, print them out, send them to other people with modern phones, or are there 500 photos of the Viking Festival out there on the net somewhere? An over documented world – with most of the information of poor quality?

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