A lot to catch up as I haven’t posted for a week.

My first week back at school was fine – lots of observation and group work. The children seemed pleased to see me and I enjoyed myself.

The second week was up and down. Monday was fine. Tuesday morning was good, but Tuesday afternoon was dreadful. I felt right back where I had been – then I stupidly stayed for a staff meeting and must have been obviously miserable. Wednesday though, was really good. I had an excellent science lesson that all the children enjoyed. Andrew, the deputy head asked me to think about what I had done to make it better, but really I don’t think I had done anything particularly different. I was as well prepared on Tuesday as I was on Wednesday, and in fact Wednesday’s lesson was what I’d tried to start on Tuesday. So – good that I had a good lesson and I must try and stay positive through the bad ones.

Next week I’m in school on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday – Thursday and Friday by myself.

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