Tobias’ Visit

Toby’s German exchange – Tobi – went home on Wednesday. I think that he had a good time. He didn’t eat very much, but according to Toby, his friends said that none of the visitors did! If that’s all they eat in general Toby is going to be ravenous when he goes over there in June.

At the weekend we went to watch Huddersfield Town play a match against Blackpool. It was very cold, but I think we all enjoyed ourselves. Toby normally goes with Keith Emerick, so this was the first time I had gone. The people around us in the crowd were what made it interesting. In the evening a load of Toby and Tobi’s friends came to our house for pasta and video.

On Sunday they went round to someone else’s and played football and XBox. Monday after school was ten pin bowling, then on Tuesday Tobi went home.

Busy few days.

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