Kitchen Starts!

Dave came up on Sunday evening and by Monday evening we had no units in the kitchen – and no kitchen ceiling. The old kitchen ceiling was so wrecked, so much lighting needed to be done, and a tube for an extractor fan needed to be put in so we’d decided total removal would be the best option.


We now have a fridge, freezer, kitchen table, toaster, kettle and so on in the back room and not much space to move around. Cindy had been very organised and cooked lots of food in advance, so we’ve eaten well so far. As we don’t have a cooker at the moment, most of our evening meals have been cooked at my parent’s house.

The plasterboarding for the new ceiling was done in two evenings (because it’s a two person job and I was at school) and was finished last night (Wednesday). Dave has almost finished the wiring for the sockets and lights and is sorting out our rotten door frame.

Next week the damp company arrive to dig up the entire floor, damp-proof it and lay a new one – and also replaster/skim the walls and ceiling. That’ll make even more mess and dust no doubt. Fortunately we are able to move into my parents house for a bit.

Once the floor and walls have dried, Dave will come back and fit our new kitchen, which should be done by Easter.

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