Catch Up Time

I haven’t posted for a while so here’s what’s been going on.

Cindy – has had her tenth chemo treatment last week. This is the last planned for the moment. It went well and she hasn’t been too ill – just tired and with some back ache. Now she’s going to have a while off treatment – while the consultant thinks about what to do next! Not that many options left now apparently – something experimental possibly.

Edward – off sick again and has resigned. Not at all what I expected last June when I was so happy to get the job! But it wasn’t working out at all and was making me ill. I’ve got till the end of the summer term off sick to think about what to do next. I might try to do some supply in schools that know me and look for part-time work, or I might try something different. Not sure yet.

Children – all fine, busy, dance, gym, trampoline, D of E scheme, Meeting, friends round, …

Kitchen – looks super. Floor and hob remain to be done. New oven lovely – hob not delivered on time!!

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