Pauline and Lal’s Anniversary

It was Lal and Pauline’s first anniversary, so they had a party to celebrate. They’ve also done a lot to their garden, so it was a garden christening party too. We went over on Saturday afternoon, after J+R’s dancing (John didn’t go – too tired!).

Pauline had done some lovely food – dips, salmon, salads… Cindy had done a chocolate fudge cake (from Nigella Lawson – yum yum).

We didn’t stay as long as we’d intended, because the children were worn out! We got home in time for Doctor Who (Doctor Who actually moving shock – it was the one about Rose’s dad).

And so to bed – early. Sleepovers definitely only at weekends – on a school day this level of borderline grumpiness would have been unbearable!

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