Houses of Parliament Cleaners

I’ve just written to our MP about an article in today’s Guardian, about how most cleaners in the Houses of Parliament have very low pay and poor conditions of work.

I know there are a lot bigger things going on this week (G8, London Bomb), but I think if you can’t get these relatively small simple things done properly, you don’t have much hope with the bigger issues.

I used a fantastic service called Write to Them. You put your post code into their webpage, and it finds your Councillors, MP, MEPs, MSPs, or Welsh and London Assembly Members. You choose who you want to contact, then write (or paste) your letter into the next page, click and it sends it to the correct person. If they seem never to check their email, it sends it by fax instead, which is apparently still more widely used by MPs. Apparently in a fortnights time they will contact me to see if Hugh Bailey responds.

Fantastic free, open source, volunteer run service.

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