Fantastic Trip to London

We’ve just got back from a two night trip to London – more scorching hot weather!

We went down by train on Tuesday morning and were met at Kings Cross by David. Because of the bombing last week, bits of the tube are still not working, so we took the bus to the National Portrait Gallery in Trafalgar Square, where we were joined by Helen. David is great on journeys, because he can give a running commentary of detail on all the buildings and places of interest.

Tuesday evening, we went for a lovely meal at Jane’s. She’s a friend of Cindy’s
who used to go running with Cindy when they lived near each other in London. Haven’t seen her properly for ages, so it was really good to catch up.

On Wednesday, we went to Eltham Palace, which is absolutely beautiful – a Tudor great hall with amazing Art Deco house attached.

Unfortunately, during the day Cindy began to feel unwell, with a bit of a chest infection. So we went to H+D’s doctor and got some antibiotics. We had a good evening with H+D and C went to bed relatively early.

She woke up today feeling ok, still a bit fragile, but not worse. We had been intending to go to the V&A to see an Arts and Crafts exhibition, but after a leisurely morning, we met Jane and Andy for lunch (sushi – first time – yum) and got a train home at 3 o’clock. We arrived home to interrupt the children having tea with Mary and Lance, who had made the whole trip possible by looking after them.

One thought on “Fantastic Trip to London”

  1. It was fantastic to see you both! My kitchen units have now arrived and the living room is full of cardboard boxes and chaos!

    See you soon!

    Love Jane

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