Announcements in Papers

Today’s Guardian has an announcement of Cindy’s death and funeral. Here’s the page:
Whole Guardian Page

and the bottom right hand corner has this:

The same text is in tonight’s York Evening Press.

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  1. Cindy, my friend since school

    Cindy and I became friends at the age of 15 when we found ourselves in the same Maths class at Bishop Luffa school. We grew up half a mile from each other in the village of Bosham. In the earlier years of our friendship we would often take our bikes down to the Anchor Bleu in Old Bosham for a beer or two.

    Cindy had a great thirst for education, travel, exploring other cultures and people in general. We did not live in each others pockets, but whenever we spoke it was as if we had seen each other the previous day and were continuing a conversation; she was always approachable and friendly, a lovely person.

    I have so many memories of her, including weddings, friends and families, it is difficult to isolate some, but there are two that stick with me in particular:

    When Marcia and I lived 50 miles north of York in Yarm, we would often visit Cindy and Edward on a Saturday. We spent many really pleasant evenings playing cards, eating Betty’s cake, drinking coffee and talking.

    My last memory of Cindy was just a few weeks ago when we visited for the weekend. Cindy and I spend 10 minutes talking and holding hands – we both knew it was our final time together. I am so grateful that I had this opportunity to say goodbye.

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