Very Busy

It seems strange writing here now, which is one reason why I haven’t posted for a week or so. But I intend to carry on using the diary, so I’ll just start writing!

I feel as though we are very busy at the moment and that I’m running to stand still. The children are continuing with their various activities – gym, dance, squash, homework, school (of course), piano… which makes us busy enough anyway, and of couse there is only me to take and pick up. Lots of people are being very helpful with lifts and so on (big thanks to Saffron & Jenny, Mark & Michelle and particularly my parents), but it still feels busy. I’m also having a bit of trouble holding in my head who’s doing what when – but then the start of term is always like that.

I’m busy in the day time too – still lots of paper work to get through and it’s always nice seeing friends for coffee etc. I’m also playing badminton with Simon as usual and with Bill today for a change.

We’re all ok most of the time – quite tired, finding it a bit difficult to get to sleep, but mostly ok. All of us are sad from time to time of course.

The house feels very quiet – it’s like when one of the children go away for the weekend. You can just feel something missing all the time. I’m sure I’ll eventually get used to it, but it is strange.

One thought on “Very Busy”

  1. lovely to be able to read a new edition to the diaries, I too am finding it very hard still in coming to terms with all that has happened – good days and bad, and still the tears come – thinking of you all with lots of love – Jayne xx

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