We've had a busy week, which is one reason I haven't written about it, and the other is that we were away from computers for half of it.

From Saturday morning to Tuesday evening the four of us went to Hunstanton. We stayed in the youth hostel, ate a couple of meals in an excellent pub, lots more nice meals elsewhere, went on a boat trip to see seals, ten pin bowled, went swimming, walked along the beach, watched paragliders, went to the cinema, saw butterflies, birds and llamas at a wildlife centre and generally had a good time.


Once we had got home, Rose in particular had a busy time. She went to Young Embroiderers with Nok on two mornings, and to a wood working thing on another with Lily.

John and Toby went to the Apple Mac show in London with Lance on Friday - and came home with an iPod nano each, and one for Rose. What an extravagent grandfather they have. They arrived home at about 11:30pm, and couldn't go to bed till they had got music onto one of them, and had a listen. Saturday was therefore spent putting music onto these amazing little things (and story books in Rose's case). No one need fight over the car radio again - or even talk to each other in the car!

Friday evening Kath came round for a meal. She had been going to bring Louis too, but with the boys being off and Louis having a party, it was just her. Very good to sit and chat to her. Nice meal too.

We saw Jane and her friend Merrial on Saturday. They took Rose to have her hair cut at Glen & Julio's - which was an experience apparently. Toby went to watch Huddersfield with Keith. We had supper at Lance and Mary's.

Today we went to Meeting for the first time since Cindy's funeral. I knew I would find it very difficult and I did. Lasted about 20 minutes and then sat in the library with Cathy.

In the afternoon we went swimming (took Lily too), then John and Rose went out to a Halloween Party at Lottie and Polly's. I made a lovely lamb and spinach curry for tea.