Brimham Rocks

We went to Brimham Rocks today with Kath and Louis. It was a fantastic day, really bright and warm (in the sun), but crisp and properly autumnal. Apart from the café being rushed off their feet, and almost out of food, we had an excellent time. Lots of climbing up and sliding down these really oddly shaped rocks. Then we came back here for neck of lamb hotpot and pears and chocolate cake.

The last time we went to Brimham Rocks was in the spring I think. I seem to recall that it was one of the first places we took Cindy in the wheelchair. It’s very strange going back to places without her.

One thought on “Brimham Rocks”

  1. Brimham Rocks are brilliant – Matt and Sam used to love going there when we lived in York. Glad you’re all back to hectic activity this week (always feel like serial under-achiever whenever read yr blog) – take care

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