Thursday Already

– where does the week go?

The problem with writing several days at a time, is that I can’t quite remember what I did when! However looking at my diary –

Monday – supermarket and in the afternoon to Millthorpe with John and Rose’s classes to see Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat, their Christmas production. Excellent. As Toby has been so uninterested in this sort of thing, we’ve had practically no idea it’s been happening, but there are obviously lots of opportunities for singing, dancing and acting. Some of the main parts were pupils in year 8, so that could be John in 2 years time! It was also good for John to have another chance to get into Millthorpe, so it isn’t so unknown next year.

Tuesday, I saw Ted briefly, before having coffee with Alison and then lunch with Lance and Mary.

Wednesday – John was off school, and Rose was off school today – so I had to cancel badminton with Mark again. Oh and I went to the pub with Steve on Wednesday evening.

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