Icing Bag Nozzles

I’ve been making meringues for John’s birthday this evening. Cindy always used the icing bag to squirt them out quickly, so I thought that I’d do the same. But I can’t find the nozzles anywhere. I can find the icing bag, but not the nozzles.

I think this just shows that it really isn’t my job.

The meringues look good though, just not as neat.

It’s very odd looking back ten years to the night before John was born. Toby must have been coming towards the end of his first term (part-time) at Scarcroft. Cindy was fantastically well, working hard in Norton, car sharing with Jean. I remember sitting in our kitchen with David while Cindy had contractions, enjoying a sausage sandwich. We were lucky to have so many good times together.

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