Football, Town and Sketching

Rose went to her dancing at Southlands this morning – the normal tap, ballet, disco and drama she’s been doing for a few years now.Toby went to watch Huddersfield play this afternoon (2-0 against Blackpool), while John went into town with Tom and Rose and I went to the sketchbook workshop at the Artspace. This is part of her Christmas present – they run workshops that are partly teaching techniques and partly getting on with making a sketchbook, really more of a scrapbook, using photos, cards, bits from magazines and whatever else you can find.This evening I read Rose a huge chunk from The Tiger in the Well, another fantastic book by Phillip Pullman. It’s got to an extraordinarily exciting part, where she just wants me to read on and on to see what happens next! They’re very long chapters though, and after one and a half I was read out. So John and Rose are now in bed and I’m just starting to wonder what Toby is watching on the telly.

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