Tiger in the Well

I read the penultimate chapter of this fantastic book to Rose last night. Sally managed to escape from the cellar without getting drowned, was then arrested for attempted but pulled out (from her stocking top) the page she had cut from the ledger which she thinks will prove the plot against her; Jim got back from South America, broke into his own house with Kid Mendel and his gang, had a fight with Parrish and his men and won, then dashed off to Spitalfields to see if Sally was ok – they only knew that the house she was supposed to be in had collapsed; Parrish got knocked unconscious for the second time when Sarah Jane dropped a chamber pot on his head.

And this chapter was nowhere near as eventful as the previous one, in which Dan had had a fight with Parrish and his men (the first knocking unconscious with a chamber pot), rescued Harriet, been arrested, escaped, prevented a riot by telling the rioters a story; Sally had found out who the Tzaddick was and what was going on.

I can really recommend this book. It is incredibly exciting, and very interesting with lots of information about Victorian life. I think Rose has learnt a lot from it, as well as being very caught up in the story.

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