Weekend in London

We went to London this weekend, primarily for Eleanor Garner’s christening – of which more later.

John, Rose & I caught the 3:55 train after school (Toby didn’t want to come – he spent the weekend at the Holman’s), and arrived in London at six o’clock. We stayed at David and Helen’s and David met us at the station and went with us to his home. Helen got home that at midnight after a fortnight in India.

On Saturday, we said hello to Helen then went into Waterloo to meet Mandy and Amy. We had lunch at a café in Regent’s Park and then Mandy and Amy took John to Madame Tussauds while Rose and I went to London Zoo. John loved Mme Tussauds, he “met” lots of celebrities and took photos of most of them. Rose & I enjoyed the zoo, particularly the spider monkeys who were eating their tea just behind a pane of glass. We had another cup of coffee with Amy and Mandy and then went our separate ways.

In the evening we had a great italian meal with Helen and David and Sam. John and Rose were absolutely exhausted, so I told them to see how long they would sleep for and not to worry about waking up for a train to north London. Which is how we managed not to get to Eleanor’s christening – sorry Eleanor. I’m sure it went just as well with three fewer guests. It would have been good to see Andrew and Emma though.

Instead on Sunday we spent the afternoon in the British Museum looking at Egyptian things, as Rose is doing them at the moment and John did them last year. Then we got the six o’clock train back to York and were picked up at the station by Mary. Another exhausting weekend!


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