Go Ape, Mountain Biking and a Bonfire

Rookhow is only 3 miles down the road from the Grizedale Forest Visitors centre, so there were lots of activities available. I’d booked Go Ape for 12 of us. It was Rose’s first chance to go, after hearing about it for three years, so she was really looking forward to it. We all had a fantastic time. Others who came with us didn’t enjoy it quite so much. Well done to Jeremy for getting around in spite of not enjoying it at all.

After a fantastic lunch at the Grizedale Cafe, we all rented bikes and went mountain biking. Because there were lots of adults around, we were able to split up into various groups. Rose went around fairly gently with Lily and Chris Hughes, John enjoyed a good cycle with Cathy Holman and Milly and Anna, while Chris Holman and I went with Toby and Luke round a new mountain bike trail. This new route had lots of “single track” sections, that were rocky, or boggy, steep and on boardwalks. It was really fun and just at the edge of what I thought I could manage! Some of the corners were banked, so some people obviously go much faster than I was.

We had a fantastic meal, prepared by Nan. Everyone from both houses came over to Rookhow and we had a bonfire in the woods. With singing.

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